YBG Dinner

  • 18:30
  • Ocean Restaurant, Fermain Valley Hotel

Kay is on a mission to reduce what she calls the “excessive conspicuous consumption of fast fashion” that has become normal to consumers in the developed world. The statistics are shocking – over £100 million pounds’ worth of clothing ends up in landfill in the UK alone every year which is only part of the problem. The manufacturing process used in the Fashion Industry make it the 2nd largest pollutant of clean water worldwide as well as one of the poorest paid labour forces globally. 

In this session, Kay will educate and engage the audience to think about clothing from a different angle than perhaps they currently do. When you know what to buy, you buy right first time and wear with love often – not just a few times before it is discarded.

If there is a guest speaker, please send your questions to social@ybg.gg or ask them on the night.